CartAgo is a distributed Java-based environment framework for multi-agent systems with a particular emphasis on Agent Programming Languages. Each CArtAgO node consists of a set of workspaces that contain artifacts (objects that agents can interact with). When an agent joins a CArtAgO node, it can interact with deployed artifacts or even create new artifacts to meet its individual needs. Artifacts can be private to an agent (e.g. a personal agenda) or shared by multiple agents (e.g. a shared whiteboard), enabling implicit interaction between the agents.

In this guide, we introduce the basic support ASTRA provides for working with CArtAgO workspaces which is provided via a custom module: astra.lang.Cartago. We do this by following the CArtAgO by Examples – Jason Version lessons. To understand this page, each section has a link to the corresponding lesson on the CArtAgO website. This section provides notes to explain how the ASTRA version relates to the Jason version.