ASTRA is Changing

We are working on a major update to the way that ASTRA is used. This redesign is opening a lot of opportunities for us to refine the way that ASTRA can be used and integrated within larger systems. Some of the key highlights so far are listed below:

The default build system for ASTRA is now Apache Maven. Our revised codebase can be found here. A short guide on how to build ASTRA programs using maven can be found here.

As part of our redesign, the ASTRA codebase has been moved to GitLab. Our revised codebase can be found here. You will also see we now have a space for uploading some example ASTRA projects.

Finally, we are very excited that our latest version can be deployed on Docker. We are putting the finishing touches on a Guide to deploying ASTRA applications using Docker. This will be released in the next couple of weeks.