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info(String) - Method in class astra.util.Logging
Action to record a INFO log event.
init() - Method in class astra.lang.EIS
Initialise the EIS Environment with no parameters
init(ListTerm) - Method in class astra.lang.EIS
Initialise the default EIS Environment with the parameters given in keys and values.
initialize(Agent) - Method in class astra.lang.Agent
inline() - Method in class astra.lang.Debug
Internal method indicating that methods in this API do not need to be threaded.
insert(String, ListTerm, ListTerm) - Method in class astra.util.DB
Term that creates a SELECT query of the form:
INSERT INTO table VALUES (wf1=wv1, wf2=wv2)
INSERT - Static variable in class astra.util.SQLQuery
installDriver(String) - Method in class astra.util.DB
Action that installs a JDBC driver.
installService(String, String) - Method in class astra.lang.Messaging
Action that installs a Message Service.
intValue(String) - Method in class astra.lang.Math
Term that converts a string to an int.
intValueFor(ListTerm, String) - Method in class astra.lang.Prelude
intValueFor(ListTerm, String, int) - Method in class astra.lang.Prelude
isEmpty(ListTerm) - Method in class astra.lang.Prelude
Formula that returns true if the list is empty, false otherwise
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